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Wednesday morning found us on 42S, a narrow, winding road which leaves Bandon on the south side of the Coquille River and wanders up its valley to the picturesque community of Coquille. Coquille, the Coos County seat, has a population of somewhat less than 5000. We were heading there to get a new driver’s license for Stan, on the recommendation of local friends who promised a quick turnaround. Considering the office was empty when we arrived at 11:20 am,  it probably would have been, if giving drivers’ tests between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm weren’t prohibited. Humm….

Still, what could we do but take the office workers’ advice and proceed on to Coos Bay? It was our ultimate destination anyway.

And besides, it turned out to be a beautiful side trip. Warm air, a blue sky with patchy clouds, fog bands against the hills beyond the verdant valley.  Outside Coquille, enormous farms dotted the hillsides, multiple silos lined up beside giant metal barns.

Coquille River Flood Stage © SR Euston

After this past weekend’s six plus inches of rain, it was obvious the Coquille River had flooded its banks. At one ranch we saw a flock of domestic geese who had taken to high ground on the opposite river bank. A pig waddled through the mud towards its shed. Waiting for the water to recede, the large cattle herds huddled their barns. (I guess that’s why they’re so huge!)

Near Riverton we stopped to look across a wide expanse of flooded fields. It looked like the rice paddies of the Sacramento Valley. A large flock of Ruddy Ducks had gathered. Bands of swallows swooped and circled. In places water reached over halfway up the crossfencing.


Coquille Flooded Pastureland © SR Euston

Downtown Coquille is a quiet farm and forestry center with narrow streets. We talked with a nursery owner, a Southern California transplant. How wonderful the climate was in Coquille, he told us. Perfect. Never too cold, never too hot. And, after hearing we lived in Port Orford, not windy! “Oh the coastline is spectacular, but that wind!” he said with a laugh.

The wind? It’s true. But oh that coastline.

Cloud Reflections 1 © SR Euston

Cloud Reflections 2 © SR Euston


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