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From the Patio © AME

At dusk last Monday a strange thing happened. It began to snow. For about an hour big stuck-together flakes languidly fell from the darkening desert sky.

Surely not noteworthy in blizzard-battered places like Chicago and Boston.

But for us here in Green Valley this was a very unusual event…so rare in fact that the last measured and recorded snow (according to the Western Regional Weather Center wrcc@dri.edu) was March, 1999 when one inch fell. Prior to that 0.1 inches fell in March,1992. Over the 25 years of records available, these are the only two snow events recorded for our little town. For this Monday’s “Sonoran Desert Blizzard”, NOAA’s official record was one inch.IMG_1818

In our town the population is divided into two types—the year-rounds and the snow birds. At this time of year in the Safeway parking lot you can spot, in almost equal numbers to Arizona’s, license plates from the mid-west— Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin—as well as Canada (British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan mostly), Washington, and our own home state of Oregon. We’ve even got a guy in our neighborhood whose motorcycle sports New Brunswick plates.

Out Our Back Door © AME

Out Our Back Door © AME

So you can imagine the mix of groans, exclamations of “oh no!” and jokes around town as night fell. The next morning tee-times and tennis dates were cancelled as fairways and courts remained covered with that white stuff snowbirds had hoped to leave behind. Pools were closed with warnings about ice on their cement aprons. “Drifts” covered chaise lounge pads.

As for me, the snow was just fine. Nothing to shovel, nothing to slide on (although there were reports of accidents on the highway), nothing to detract from the sheer delightfully beautiful crystal frosting on saguaro and palm, mesquite and prickly pear in the gloaming.

By 10:00 am Tuesday morning all the snow had melted away.

Palo Verde in Snow © AME

Palo Verde in Snow © AME


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