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We’ve had two whopper storms to kick off the winter rainy season.

The first, October 25, brought sheeting rain, unbelievable wind and waves. The Port of Port Orford, which we visited in the morning, had, by afternoon, sustained heavy damage, in the end estimated at over $1 million.

The Port 10/25 courtesy of Melissa Campbell

The Port 10/25
courtesy of Melissa Campbell

No people or fishing vessels were lost but a fish processing building went over the edge taking numerous fish storage tanks along, the Port office had 18” of water, waves topped the rock jetty damaging it, and one side of Griff’s, a seafood restaurant on the dock, was pushed out.

Griff's, two days later

Griff’s, two days later

Port, 10/28

Port, 10/28

The surf was amazing, totally covering the port beach and the wind was so strong our 10-year-old grandson had to run to stay in place at the overlook. The pelicans and seagulls came onshore en masse and hunkered down to wait it out on the headlands.



Gulls and Pelicans

Gulls and Pelicans

The second storm, which hit Port Orford Friday managed to tip over half a trailer home on Highway 101 just where it enters Port Orford from the south. (I guess those high profile vehicle warnings on the weather went unheard or were ignored. They were predicting 70 mph gusts!) The wind and rain was hard enough to wake me up Friday night but by Saturday all was just a passing memory.

Today, the sun is shining. And the streets are dry. No one can say the weather around here isn’t dramatic.

blown over trailer house

blown over trailer house

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Today is a glorious day…warm and clear. In other places we might call it Indian summer but since the thermometer is topping 70°—an almost unheard of high around here even in August—I’ll just say we’re closing in on summer’s end. We head to the beach to soak up some sun. Folks are out in shorts and tees.  And the summer wind continues to barrel down the shore and US 101 from the north.

Laurie’s Red Onion Bounty © AME

But it’s clear the season is ending in the garden where the tomatoes have finally begun to ripen and the beans have passed from flower to pod. It’s obvious from the dying vines and drying onion tops that autumn has begun. The occasional cool breeze brings us up short, a harbinger of the months ahead.

Wax Beans Ready to Harvest © AME

Another sign: Early this morning was the peak of the harvest moon, the first full moon after the equinox. It’s outstanding because, unlike other times of year, the moon rises earlier after the sunset for a number of days in a row, making it appear as though the full moon lasts multiple nights instead of the standard one or two.

A final sign: Port Orford’s yards are littered with “vote for (fill in the blank)” banners, a sure sign that November is just around the corner. Here in Oregon ballots will begin to be mailed October 16. That’s also the final day to register. Please register if you haven’t and vote. It’s the only voice you’ve got. If you don’t know if you’re registered, need to register, or live in another state, check out this site for last chance dates:


Just Do It! © AME

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May has been a banner month here in Port Orford.

First: The weather (A constant topic of conversation.) The rain seems to be diminishing. That’s not to say it’s not still pouring 1/2 inch or so fairly regularly. But it’s generally been at night or has come in a huge splashy shower followed by watery blue sky and sun. Nor has it warmed up much, although a sunny 60° has come to feel positively toasty.

Second: We’ve gotten more dining opportunities!

Siren’s Cove Coffee and Chocolates and Sandwiches (and Ice Cream Too) is now offering pizza: everything from the Marghuarita (lots of basil), to Pizza the Greek, to some delightful concoction with Alfredo Sauce and chicken. And Cakes! There’s a new chocolate sensation that is 10” tall. (Think about it. That’s taller than Fred Astaire’s top hat.)

El Puerto Mexican just opened and it’s delicious too. Overstuffed burritos and doubled soft tacos (the favored way in New Mexico). Even Jararito Mango Soda. And good hot red sauce. Or tomatillo-based green—flavorful but not diablo. Dessert? Homemade, unbelievably rich coconut flan.

Rumors are flying we may get another new eatery in the next month or so.

Third: Our very own Jeff H. finished in the top 15% of runners (all 42,000 of them!) in San Francisco’s 100th Bay to Breakers Marathon. It was his first marathon ever. Bravo!

Fourth: We had a tsunami drill last week that began at 10:00 am with police sirens (our tsunami siren died in the real one in March), followed by a voice coming from the sky—actually a small plane flying very low with a loud speaker announcing, “This is a tsunami drill. Move to high ground.” (Yes here in Port Orford, we take our fun where we can get it.)

And finally, the wildflowers are at their peak. Our front yard is filled with iris; wild onion with white bell flowers line the roadsides. At Port Orford Heads there is a flowery profusion along the trail. Wild iris and larkspurs and buttercups and lupine and paintbrush, wind blown but surviving. And the wild rhododendron, from deep red to pink to white splashes, have appeared in among the firs and gardens. Take a look:

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