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Traveling has become more complex for us as time has passed. Pets (dog and cat) along with health issues have narrowed our traveling  scope considerably, even around our two homes. Still we have great remembrances of many places, not only for the fantastic opportunities we’ve always found to see and learn, but also some of the great, cheap, pet-friendly places we’ve discovered to stay.

I’ve decided to begin 2015 with those greatest hits…prompted by staying at a real miss on our trip south this year. Let me add that ever shortening daylight hours did little to increase our most recent road trip’s pleasure. The only saving grace? We saw a lot of Christmas lights.

So with proper fanfare and a nod to the entanglements of pet-friendly I give you:

Motel 6, San Simeon, CA.

As all you pet owners know, Motel 6s are the only “absolutely always take pets with no fee” on the road. Except in North Carolina which at the time we visited had a state law refusing pets in ANY motel, the only state we’ve had to drive completely across to find pet friendly lodgings. (FYI, North Carolina is a truly wide state east to west.)

It’s true Motel 6s have a certain (mostly deserved) reputation. Tom Bodett may leave the light on for you but at best the amenities range from OK, to a little scary with lumpy beds pushed up against the walls, to Yes, Harold, that is Anthony Perkins at the front desk. One May we arrived at the Motel 6 in Twenty Nine Palms CA (think Mojave Desert) just as they were completing steam cleaning the room’s carpet. Clean is always good. Still having to keep the heat on to dry the rug after a day spent cooking in the car was a little tough.

So it was a happy surprise to find the San Simeon Motel 6. The closest hotel to the Hearst Castle, it’s obviously been repurposed to a Motel 6 from a grander motel in the past. It’s got a real lobby, rooms with a view of the ocean which is just across the dunes, and a pretty darn good restaurant. The rooms are huge by Motel 6 standards and the staff very friendly.

Can you believe it? A Four Star Motel 6!

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